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A Microsoft-Office tip that eluded me

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Online marketers use new approaches and tools to reach their customers

As more companies have turned to the Internet to market their businesses, it's becoming increasingly competitive, if not cutthroat.

Executives at companies of all sizes complain that search engines display other Web sites instead of theirs and that people who should be buying from them are sometimes leaving for other sites before placing an order. To these executives, it looks as if their businesses are losing sales that should be theirs.

Savvy business people, though, recognize that gaining a competitive edge goes way beyond posting a Web site. So they are adding more advanced tools and techniques to leverage their Web site and marketing... <more>


Today: The Internet, Tomorrow: The World

The booming online search firm already is a ubiquitous presence in the Web world; now, it's taking its game beyond the Internet

Google's name conjures many different images -- from the fastest growing technology company in the world, to one of the most secretive, to a company that is changing the way the world behaves.

It has ridden the wave beyond the Internet bubble, and it has done so without spending millions of dollars on advertising. The company, which this year will open an engineering and research office on or near Carnegie Mellon University's campus that is expected to employ 100 to 200, has made its reputation through word of mouth.

Yet, despite not using the media to fuel its growth, it may become the most dominant media company ever... <more>


Google's defiance may be rooted in strategy

Google's decision to resist a Justice Department subpoena for data on what people search for on the Web once again puts the company in a contrary position to its biggest competitors.

While America Online, Microsoft and Yahoo! this week revealed they have complied in part with the request for an entire week of search data, Google has refused -- not on the grounds of protecting its user's privacy, but on grounds that the government's request overreaches. The Justice Department suggests that Google believes it would be disclosing trade secrets if it disclosed... <more>


Soothsayers share their view

of technology and how will affect you next year

We've asked executives from Best Buy, Jupiter, PC Magazine (Ziff Davis), several consultants, a nationally renowned security expert, and a professor what's on tap for 2006 and beyond.  What they told us may surprise you.  But you'll certainly hear several unique (and intriguing) views.


Computers becoming the hub of

the home entertainment experience

It was one of those quotes that stays with you forever.

In 1997, I was talking with Ed McMahon of "Tonight Show" and "Star Search Fame," when he said one simple word: "Convergence." He was talking about how computers, the Internet and entertainment would become one.

Read on to find out how convergence has become a reality, how it differs in your home and on the business front, and what you need to look for when you want to turn your PC into the hub of your home entertainment experience.


Advertising on Search Engines

A guide for the novice and expert alike

Internet advertising continues to boom as businesses rush to use a medium that is targeted, cost-effective, and flexible.  With its huge reach, and keyword orientation, search engine advertising is among the most popular ways to advertise online.  This lead article in the Post-Gazette's business section gives you the lowdown on the market, selecting keywords, and the math that makes it work.


A whole new ballgame

Improvements in buying and selling tickets online

As online technology and security continue to improve, a growing number of sports teams are turning to the e-world to help season ticket holders unload unwanted or unusable tickets.

This feature includes tips for buyers & sellers, and one city's pricing comparison.


Back to School 101

What's big in technology for this school year?  It has evolved since years past - so don't rely on old information.  Here you'll learn about computer-chic, the schools on the forefront (and how they're doing it), and what's cool in school tech.  Plus, there are a few other articles including a great article about how students can fall easily for credit pitches.


Special feature on
Internet Telephone Services (VoIP)

Several articles that help you better understand VoIP, how it works, how to make it work better for you, and even how to choose a carrier.


Special feature on
Cell Phones

The worst thing in the world is when you lose those important cell phone calls.  Why does your cellular provider drop your call?  How do you make sure that you complete calls in areas with marginal service?  This inside look gives you the details you need to get better cell service more consistently.


David's Weekly columns:

  • Connected (addressing the impact of tech & tech news on you)
  • Worry Watch (about viruses, spyware, ID theft, threats...)
  • Innovations (they can change the way you work and live)


More recent features and key columns:

  • Feature: Tax Preparation

David's Weekly columns:

  • Connected (addressing the impact of tech & tech news on you)
  • Worry Watch (about viruses, spyware, ID theft, threats...)
  • Innovations (they can change the way you work and live)


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