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David attends President Obama's Economic Event

He and his council on jobs and competitiveness gave a presentation to executives. I was lucky enough to be invited.


YouTube Videos Make Fun of Facebook

I found a lot of bad parodies of Facebook. But some are excellent. Here are a few that will likely amuse you.


Biggest Bang for Your Smart Phone Buck

If you're looking to minimize the amount you pay monthly for your cell phone bill, this calculator will help figure out which plan is best for you. The concept should work no matter which cellular carrier you use.


Sooner or Later it happens to us all: Rob Grill of Grass Roots dies at age 67

The Battle Brews over Sales Tax Collection

The Amazon text was posted by BoingBoing from a copy they obtained.
The Stand with Main Street website looks like it has been built by somebody who seems to be representing small retailers. But on the web, not is all as it seems. So let me know if you know anything about the people or organization behind this website.

Vintage Rock lives on (Post-Gazette)


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