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Contact David


Media Relations People

Please start by following @dradin on Twitter. That's how David communicates with media people he doesn't know.

Follow dradin on Twitter

David does not accept unsolicited email regarding products you want him to review or topics you want him to discuss.  So you have two choices:

    • Send a media packet / pitch by US Mail to:

      David Radin

      Host, Megabyte Minute

      M. Masters Corporation

      Manor Oak One, Suite 600

      1910 Cochran Road

      Pittsburgh, PA 15220

    • Call us to pitch your idea.  (412-531-4270)

If you do a pitch by phone that makes sense to us, David will share his email address with you -- making it easier to reach him for additional ideas.

Listener/Reader Questions & Comments

To comment about something you heard on Megabyte Minute or read in David's column or Tip Letter, send mail to radin.mbmcontactdavid080331

Attention PR People:  DO NOT use this email address to pitch ideas (unless you want your email address on our blocked senders list).


What to Expect when you call...

Clients, sponsors, media/broadcast partners, and advertisers receive our highest priority when personal communications are involved. 

If you're a coaching or consulting client, you can expect a prompt response via telephone or email.

If we don't know you, but you want to inquire about business (advertising, coaching, consulting, speaking, etc.), please make sure that you include full information about yourself, your company, and what you're looking for. Include your telephone number, please - even if you want an email response.

Your questions are important to us

Due to the volume of questions and requests, David tries to answer reader questions and general inquiries with his Twitter feed @dradin.

Follow dradin on Twitter

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