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Worry Watch

Helping normal users deal with

viruses, spyware, ID theft, security breaches
and other threats

by David Radin and Jes Scherder


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Selected Worry Watch columns - Q1 2006


Hackers will often attack the most popular programs and platforms to cause maximum damage. With several recent exploitations of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, that may mean that it is no longer just a scary world for Windows users... <more>


We've seen it in the movies: a family member is kidnapped and held for ransom by the bad guy. Now, a similar process is being used to demand money from PC users in real life.

When a victim opens a specially crafted file in an infected E-mail message, the program encrypts files on his computer. These files remain impenetrable until... <more>


With the introduction of Windows OneCare Live, Microsoft is eliminating the need to purchase separate security software for every computer. OneCare provides maintenance, virus scanning, firewall protection and file backups for Windows computers.

In June, the company will begin charging... <more>


Computer crime legislation passed in various countries may be the reason for the steady decline of new Viruses in 2005.

Earlier this month, Panda Software, an Anti-virus software company, released data stating that less than one percent of new threats detected by their programs last year were... <more>


Praying on PC users with a penchant for pornography is no new trick for computer threats.

The Kama Sutra Worm, also known as Nyxem-D, Tearac.A, and Blackmal.E by various antivirus vendors, travels through mass-mailings by posing as a pornographic attachment. There are dozens of... <more>


While fraud and identity theft concerns grow, customers of the online brokerage company E*Trade may now sleep easier, receiving full fraud reimbursement.

In the past, consumers with debit cards and credit cards issued from some banks could be responsible for... <more>


Microsoft has released a patch that will fix a vulnerability that leads your computer into the wrong hands.

The vulnerability pertains to a Windows graphics format (WMF) that is used by Internet Explorer, Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, and other graphics-related products both Microsoft and third party (including Firefox and Opera browsers).

When an attacker tricks a user into opening a malicious file in this graphics format, the vulnerability could allow the download of keyloggers, spyware, adware, and even remote operating tools onto the user's system. This could lead to a hacker taking complete control of her computer... <more>


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