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David and his expert team are available to help you and your company through various computer and business challenges. Among the areas in which we can help you:

  • Increasing productivity of your team using Microsoft Windows and MS-Office

  • Helping your sales force select, install or start up a CRM (customer relationship management) system

  • Optimizing your use of the Internet for marketing - especially optimizing the way other web sites and search engines push new clients to your web site

  • Product launch strategies for high tech products

Our team is available for group workshops, individual sessions on site, and strategic consulting at your offices. You can also come to us - to get away from the everyday distractions of your own environment — for consulting.

We've done work for a number of large and small companies. Our client/partner list includes Apple, Avery, Bayer, Clear Channel, DCI, Hewlett Packard, Lamar, Microsoft, Parker/Hunter, US Postal Service, Verizon, Viacom and more

Don't forget, we can also provide dazzling keynote presentations and workshops for your conferences, sales meetings, or customer seminars. Our long track record shows we excite the audience, get them to use the techniques or products we discuss, and make sure they walk away from the session happy and satisfied.

Ask about how we can provide our voices to your videos, web-audio, advertising and demos.

For more information, call 412-531-4270 or visit our corporate web site

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